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A new tabletop system for building and exploring communities
It's been a while since our last newsletter, but we haven't been idle!
The Quantum Camping Jam has come to Banda's Grove! Put on your boots and head down to the mess hall to join in the fun!
The Quantum Camping Jam on is a community event where you can create content (that you own and can even sell) for Banda's Grove. You can create…
Let's refine how the hex map works in Banda's Grove to build a legacy that changes and grows over time.
Our first big content update is here! Make sure to redownload your files.
We're hitting goals, getting work done, and making plans for the future!
We have unlocked the next funding goal: New Playbooks and Quantum Events!And a Solo Rules Announcement!
We hit our first funding goal and unlocked creatures and artwork! What does that mean and what is next?
Banda's Grove is available on!The tents are up, the logs are aflame, all that is left is to play some games! Share your stories around the fire…
We want your Grove to be unique! Let's talk about the tools we give the table to create the kind of community you want to participate in - the people…